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About Connect Freeport


Connect Freeport is a vision for a network of connected, safe, and multipurpose paths to support active and healthy living in Freeport. This network will accommodate walking, running, cycling, and wheelchairs—active modes of transportation that support public health, a reduced carbon footprint, and economic prosperity in our community. (To learn more about how active transportation can improve quality of life in Freeport, please read the Freeport Active Living Plan.) 

Fulfilling the Let’s Connect Freeport vision will transform Freeport from a retail shopping destination to a more complete community where residents can safely walk, ride, or run to work, school, and recreation areas. Drawing visitors to our community by the outdoor experience—in addition to retail—is a goal from the Freeport Economic Development Corporation’s Vision 2025 plan.  

To learn more about the Connect Freeport vision, visit our interactive Story Map to see what an active living network would look like in Freeport.

How to Connect Freeport

The Freeport Active Living Plan identifies eight activity centers in the Freeport area. These are great resources for our community, but many of them are located off of busy roads with little to no bike or pedestrian accessibility. This is further complicated by the two I-295 highway bridges that currently don’t accommodate bicycle or pedestrian crossings. 

  1. Downtown Freeport — As the hub of Freeport's activity centers, the Downtown area includes restaurants, retail stores, and professional offices, near to schools, playgrounds, civic buildings, and places of worship.

  2. Hedgehog Mountain/Pownal and Hunter Road Recreational Fields  — Town-owned trails lead to Freeport's highest point at Hedgehog Mountain, close to athletic fields at Pownal and Hunter Road.

  3. North Freeport Recreational Area — The Town of Freeport's Hidden Pond Preserve and Florida Lake, habitat for birds and waterfowl, offer walking and hiking trails.

  4. East Freeport Trails — This trail system has wooded loops near Freeport's farmland.

  5. Wolfe’s Neck Farm and State Park — Established in 1959, this sustainable coastal farm offers an oceanfront campground, a leading demonstration farm, and an educational resource center for innovative practices in regenerative agriculture.​​

  6. South Freeport Village — Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974, the South Freeport Village has the largest concentration of historic resources in the area. This includes the South Freeport Congregational Church, Ambrose Curtis House, and the Soule Shipyard. 

  7. Casco Bay YMCA/Cousin River Trail — The Casco Bay YMCA offers programs and services that promote youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Located behind the facility are miles of nature trails, including the Cousins River Trail, a 0.6 mile trail that passes over hills and boardwalks leading to the Cousin River.

  8. Winslow Park — Winslow Park offers over 100 campsites and wooded trails with views of the Harbor and Casco Bay.

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Freeport Activity Centers

Activity centers

Bike and pedestrian routes




North Freeport Recreation Area


East Freeport Trails

Wolfe's Neck Farm and State Park


Downtown Freeport


Hedgehog Mountain and Recreational Fields

South Freeport Village

Casco Bay YMCA/ Cousin River Trail


Winslow Park


Activity Centers

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Area of Interest

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