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Connect Freeport

Two I-295 bridges in town are being rebuilt. Freeport's Town Council recommends that each bridge include a 12-foot multi-purpose path to safely accommodate walkers, wheelchairs, runners, and cyclists passing in both directions.

Achieving safe passage for people on foot or wheels requires the Town to contribute funding to this project. On March 9, 2021 Freeport residents voted 4 to 1 in favor of a municipal bond to decide to fund the addition of 12-foot multi-purpose paths on both bridges.

 Why Connect Freeport?

Supporting active living — when residents can safely walk, ride, or run to work, school, and recreation areas — benefits Freeport.



Community members can walk and ride safely with infrastructure designed for them, and accessible pathways will allow more people in Freeport to engage in active activities.

Economic Prosperity

Freeport can attract new residents and visitors when it's easier to walk, ride, or run to everyday destinations and recreation opportunities.

Environmental Stewardship

Active modes of transportation—like walking and biking—reduce Freeport's carbon footprint.

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The Connect Freeport vision: make  Town activity centers accessible with bike-pedestrian infrastructure.

Scroll over the map for learn more.

North Freeport Recreation Area

East Freeport Trails

Downtown Freeport

Hedgehog Mountain and Recreational Fields

South Freeport Village

Wolfe's Neck Farm and State Park

Casco Bay YMCA/ Cousin River Trail

Winslow Park

Activity centers

Bike and pedestrian routes

Activity Centers

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